How Running and An Active Lifestyle Can Improve Seasonal Affective Disorder

Self care. How often we hear that term of treatment. But, does it work, and can it bring us up and out of the blue that many suffer through the dark and cold winter months?

We sure think so.

Combining healthy eating, simple exercise and good time with friends and family help us through.

Here’s how we get through the winter:

  1. We run/walk 3-4 times a week, for 30 to 60 minutes, and preferably with a friend.
  2. We’ve added more hot beverages to our daily menu planning. Rooibos tea in the morning and a cup of mulled wine at night help to warm our insides.
  3. Naturally medications, like melatonin and Vitamin D, are an added bonus to helping us feel our best.
  4. We plan once a week to meet with our friends and family and do something social such as a game of darts or a night out at the movies. Anything that gets us out of the house, even when it's freezing out, and helps us to reconnect.
  5. Soup! We’re experimenting with any soup that sounds like it’ll be hearty, healthy and good as leftovers…

Be bright and merry this Winter. And, remember: stay safe and seen!

Get up and out of the winter blues