Hiking at Night

Have you ever thought about hiking? Of course you did, but have you ever thought of hiking at night? I guess not. Probably one of the top bucket lists to most people is to travel, some just wanted to go somewhere where they can actually go without emptying their pockets that’s why they go for a simpler yet satisfying adventure, hiking. 

“Life is an adventure!” they said. Do not go wasting your time working and directly going home then work again the next day and so on. Don’t you have any plans for an exciting event in your life? Do not be a prisoner to your job and just enjoy comfort in your home. Sure, it’s given that staying home is one of the comforts that you have been longing for after a long and tiring work. Let us think a bigger picture, imagine yourself hiking at night and all in proper attire, ready to explore the unknown and stopped by a beautiful scenery after reaching the peak of the mountain as you breathe the cold and fresh air, and while enjoying the view you slowly drink your cup of coffee or hot chocolate milk as the sun shines in front of you. Isn't it amazing? 


Most people go hiking/trekking in groups, with their partners and some prefer to be alone.  In which category do you prefer? If you are one of the people who prefers to be alone but scared and thinks it is risky, sometimes it is the scary things in life that are the most worthwhile, but for night adventures, I advise to go in groups especially to beginners and if you are not familiar with the trek. But before planning where to go or what to bring. Think first about your condition. Your health is the top priority when it comes to these types of activities especially to beginners who are planning to hike at night, create a certain goal you think that you can reach. The place will always be there and you can always go back to create a new goal. 

Have you ever wondered why some people prefer to go for a night trek?  A different viewpoint of the trail, relief from summertime heat and a deep connection with the outdoors are three good reasons to hit the trail when it’s dark. For a smooth and enjoyable night trek, you must know your gear equipment. Especially your lighting and night vision at night. One of the most convenient gear that you could use for lighting is Knuckle Lights. Why? Given that it is convenient, it is one of the most useful equipment when it comes to night walking, running and adventures.

Knuckle lights are designed to give the best lights who are always up for some activities during night or dawn! The number one tip to those who are planning to do a night trek is BRING PLENTY OF LIGHTS. This is true to some, but to this product you just need to choose the knuckle light color that will match your outfit or is suitable to your taste. It is always better to bring a lighter and easy to carry gear. It is also part of the fun is that you see things differently in the dark but always be mindful of your surroundings. Also one of the tips a pro would give is to BRING PLENTY OF BATTERIES. Well, worry not because you don’t have to go run and buy to your nearest convenience store and buy tons of batteries. This product will help you lessen the things to bring with rechargeable knuckle lights, you just have to fully charge your knuckle lights as well as your power bank instead of buying a lot of batteries.



So how does knuckle lights work? It is very straightforward as the name implies Knuckle Light. You wear it on your knuckle, lighter than your conventional flashlight and it provides comfort than your normal flashlight because it fits your hand while you are in a running position. Using this light gives the freedom in your hand compared when you're occupied with your conventional flashlight. Using this light give the assurance to have light for your surroundings and your path at the same time. 

Here are some tips and reminders when trekking at night and how to maximize your vision using Knuckle Lights. Wear light colored outfit and suit up for the weather. Wear waterproof boots with ankle support, boots give the advantage of having a good grip with the ground and with that ankle support prevents injury when accidentally slipping. Pack extra layers, as the sun goes down, so does the temperature. Pair it up with a reflective safety vest your trekking partner can immediately see you when you're afar. Charge your Knuckle Lights using a charging base the day before the night trek. It can lessen your worries running for batteries for your normal flashlight. Be aware of your wildlife surroundings, your Knuckle Light can be used in your night trek when you encounter animals but never disrupt them. Walk slowly and light your path, watch out for obstacles, sharp rocks give yourself a pace, also use your Knuckle Lights to signal your companion or warn them of what’s ahead. 


Do not hike alone especially if you are not familiar with the trail. It is advisable to bring a companion, friends, family or even your furry friend. Also tell someone that you are out for a hike. Tell them your plans and your chosen trail. In that case, help can respond immediately when an unfortunate event happens during your adventure. Bring your phone for emergency contact but don’t expect to have constant cellular signal. Well another benefit of bringing your phone is to take breathtaking photos along your journey.


Pack enough food and enough water. Bring a separate canister for your warm drink, or you can light up a fire but be careful, immediately put out the fire after use and double check, best if you pour some of the water to kill the fire. With strong winds it can still start a fire and create a wildfire. Even though the temperature is lower in the dark, you still need to get hydrated for some time. Eat some snacks to pump up and increase that energy.

Before you hike at night. Ask the locals or ask someone who has experience in that trail you chose. They can provide more information about the place and can give you tips from their experience. Assess and monitor the weather 3 days prior to your hike, in such a way that you can anticipate the current weather on the day of your hike. Look up for the map and photos in social media. In that case you can familiarize the route you're taking and be well prepared.

Leave nothing but memories, make sure you clean up your trash before you leave. What you experience in that hike, others can experience. A clean environment is a safe environment.  Be safe and be seen at night. 



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