How to Shape Your Day Up Right with a Morning Run

We think the best time of day to run is before we get spruced up for work and head out into traffic, but know that not everyone agrees with us, which is why we’re here to tell you why you might consider shifting your running schedule to the AM hours...

STRESS RELEASE - A run that allows you free time to mull things over, can be beneficial as a stress release and help you relax and produce the confidence to approach the new day.

CONVENIENCE- Work, family, social commitments, all adds up and takes time from our precious days! Running in the morning is a great way to fit exercise into your schedule.

METABOLISM BOOST - When you start the day off on such a healthy note, your body and mind will continue to make smart choices and, furthermore, speeding up the metabolism, first thing in the morning, can help suppress appetite urges.

QUALITY TIME - Run in the morning to save time in the evening to make dinner with your family and spend the quality time that you worked so hard for with those you love most!

BRIGHTEN YOUR DAY - Make sure to layer up and stay safe on your morning runs - Knuckle Lights are a great choice to lighten your path and brighten your day!