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Great Product!!
Knuckle Lights Advanced are great for night walking!
Great product
definitely a good investment!
Great buy for night runs in the city
Love the original
Great illumination and very conformables
Great purchase!
Money Well Spent
Great Product and awesome customer service
Best Running Lights
Love these!
New Knuckle Lights
Knuckle light
Knuckle Lights - Advanced
Trail Running with Knuckle Lights
Small Knuckle Lights
Take two
Continued Innovation
Difference In Lights.
Hi Dianna, Thank you for your message. Our factory is constantly updating the product and making improvements. We increased the battery power on our most recent production, which is likely the reason you are seeing a difference in the run time. Also the batteries will decrease capacity a little bit over time as well. Hope that helpls, and please advise if any questions or concerns.