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Knuckle Lights Advanced
Sebastien Porsenna
Very safe

These lights provide extra safety at night, and allows me to alert oncoming traffic.

Knuckle Lights ONE
Salikh Murtazaliev
Powerful light

My night runs are much safer with this light. And the lower light setting is more than enough to see the ground well. Recommend.

Knuckle Lights ONE
Exactly What I Need

This is the perfect light for running in the early morning. It is comfortable to carry and illuminates my path.

Knuckle Lights Advanced
Rachel Ristine

Knuckle Lights Advanced

Knuckle Lights ONE
jorge castro
knucklelight ONE

I read a lot of reviews about how bright it is, well, I wasn't lucky because what I got can't light up more than 3 to 5 ft ahead of me. It would have been nice to have a focus control. By the time I see something, I am already over it. Good thing I paid the early bird price, if not would be upset. I can live with it, and get used to it. Other than that, the grip is great, and aiming to incoming distracted drivers does stop them. It is a plus. For that, I give it a 5.

Knuckle Lights ONE
Tom Trussell
The light I needed

KnuckleLight's new ONE-Light is fantastic! The beams are strong and it is very comfortable to hold. Perfect for running, walking, camping... and even indoors when the power goes out during storms. Being USB re-chargeable makes this the light I need!

Birthday gift

I got these for my husband for his birthday. He used them for a long early morning run and I was able to see him from a good distance. They also allowed him to see where he was going and helped him to avoid stepping on an opossum!

Tail Light Safety Blinker

I absolutely love it , easy to use and very convenient .

Knuckle Lights ONE
Jason Warren

Knuckle Lights ONE ***EARLY BIRD***

I love this light!

I run with a handheld water bottle, so the one light is perfect. It’s so comfortable in my hand and I love that I don’t even need to grip it, it just sits perfectly between my fingers. It’s so bright, too!

Surprised how bright the single light was!

Perfect weight and size to lightly grip while running. ❤️ them. Can safely sweep for an animal or uneven sidewalk. Avoids blinding a passing runner like a headlamp can.

I never expected to be so excited about this product, but it such a cool piece of gear! Tried it out on a recent run at the suggestion of a friend who’d recently discovered knuckle lights and at the end of 7 miles I was in love. I usually don’t like holding things in my hand while I run, but this was hardly noticeable at all. Super lightweight- I didn’t have to grip onto it at all, it simply rested in the palm of my hand. I almost forgot it was even there. LOTS of light, but the light didn’t bounce around the sidewalk with each arm swing like you might expect. So much better than the headlamp I’ve been wearing for early morning runs!

Knuckle Lights ONE
Gary Wallace
Holy Cow this light is BRIGHT!!

I purchased the new Knuckle Light and WOW!! Did it ever exceed my expectations! It is super bright, very compact, comfortable in my hand, and just about everything I could possibly want in a knuckle light.


I've used all flavors of Knuckle Lights and have appreciated them all. This latest addition is the brightest yet and really useful when I want to carry a water bottle in my other hand. It is easy to hang on to, and the wrist strap is a nice touch. It'll be better for warm-weather use as it won't work as well as the lights with the hand strap when I'm wearing mittens in the winter.

Knuckle Lights ONE
Sharon Bach
Absolutely in LOVE

This is the best one yet! Light weight, super easy to hold, and lights up everywhere I need!!

Great bright lights

Thought it might be ackward to carry but they are awesome.

Knuckle Lights ONE

Knuckle Lights ONE
Frank Davisson
Wrist straps

The lights work OK! The wrist straps need to be a little bigger. I can get my hand through the strap, but I can't get it around my wrist.

Knuckle Lights ONE
Pruett Burge
Best lights ever

I started with the original battery operated Knuckle Lights upgraded to the rechargeable and now to the newest version. These are by far the most comfortable, best balanced of your lights ever. Obviously I love the amount of light they provide --why else would I buy a 3rd pair. I always keep the old lights in the car in case some one in the running group shows up without lights. I always hear favorable comments and thanks for the loan. Had a problem with the original battery operated knuckle lights, but you immediately resolved the issue.

Love the new version!

Love that they are so bright! Easy to charge!! I put the lanyard on one, but I can use it without it on the other one just as well! You definitely need these if you run in the dark!

Knuckle Lights ONE
Michael Klepac

I love the new Knuckle Lights One! One is super bright! One is very comfortable to hold! Very lite-weight! And the feel is very soft (I know that sounds weird but it's just a soft feeling plastic). I do wish it was a USB-C charger since that seems to be what everyone is moving towards...or even a wireless charger!

Knuckle Lights ONE
Brandon Hopkins
Great Light

I’ve used this light on my run every morning for about a month, and this is the best running light I’ve ever used. Prior to getting this, I only used one of the original Knuckle Lights; trading out from one to the other each day.
This new light is brighter and I like the design and method of charging much better.

Well done!

Great product!

Perfect for early morning runs. Lights are bright for safe and secure feeling. Fits hands comfortably.

great product and even better customer service

I love my Knuckle Lights. They are super bright, sturdy and convenient. Rechargeable battery life is good. I am able to get through several runs using the brightest setting without the need for a charge. They have never left me in the dark. To speak to the fantastic customer service: after 11 months of use, one of my lights was showing signs of a battery bulge. I emailed asking if the warranty would cover it and got a response faster than I would have ever expected. Representative explained the issue (uncommon but known) and provided a completely hassle free replacement provided. Couldn't be more pleased with the product and the company behind it.

Great product

Just received my knucklelights 'one'. So much brighter than other model. Best thing is no more changing batteries. Doing a night 1/2 marathon in awhile and looking forward to this new light.