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a handy gift

Though my daughter is not a runner her family has a new puppy. The knuckle lights allow them to see where they're going and hang on to the dog leash. Makes for a safer walk in the fall Darkness

I thoroughly enjoy my Knuckle Lights as the park where I run does have some lights the trees sometimes blocks out the light and make it very dark. The brightness and vast range makes it easy to see what might be a tripping hazard!

terrific product

I like how easily these lights fit into my pocket when I don't need them.

These are great!

I run in the morning when it’s still dark in winter and these really light my way and help me feel safe.

Knuckle Lights are the BEST

I’ve been buying/using the Knuckle Lights since they were created. I’ve worn out
four pairs!! Each pair gets better than the last model. . . . . .As a walker, it’s so
important to see and be seen. . . . there’s nothing better!!

Great product and great customer service!

They work. Period. You will never want to wear an uncomfortable headlamp again. I used my knuckle lights 100s of times until an injury sidelined me for 50 weeks. They sat in my drawer during that recovery period and when I pulled them back out one of them would not charge. I wrote an email asking for suggestions on how to fix it not imagining or expecting customer representative Dan's response: A NEW PAIR! Dan put them in the mail and I received them within days with a return label for the old pair. It was totally unnecessary but greatly appreciated. I was going to purchase a new pair if he had not replaced them because they are the most safe, effective way to run at night.

Great Product!

Love the Knuckle Lights Advanced! These are very light weight; I hardly notice I’m holding them. Rechargeable batteries mean I always have the brightest output of light and a fully charged set each morning before I head out on my run. I cannot recommend Knuckle Lights enough!

Tested and survived a bear!

These lights are manufactured to hold up to all sorts of challenges, including a bear chewing on it! I forgot and left my knuckle lights in my pack outside my tent. A small black bear chewed the strap but the light survived. Knuckle lights customer service replaced the strap. Awesome!

Great lights!

These are my second pair of Knuckle Lights. I love them! They are lightweight and really bright! These are a great purchase!

Great Lights

I use Knuckle Lights every time I go running, and I love them! They make it easy to see the road, and most the time I forget I am even wearing them.

Great Light’s

I received my light and used them the next morning on my run. They are the perfect size for my hands and put out a bright enough light for the trail I was running so I wasn’t worried about tripping on anything. I would recommend them to everyone who runs in the dark!!

Light the way

Knuckle lights are perfect for early morning runs!

Can’t believe I waited this long

Not sure why I waited this long to buy them! Will not run in the dark without them now! Perfect amount of light for trails and road running! Highly recommend

Excellent product and customer service

The lights are great for running and walking the dog. One of the lights had a flaw in the base that prevented it from sitting properly on the charger. I contacted the company and they promptly sent me a new set at no cost.


Super for safety and for comfort!

Best I've Tried

I've tried a lot of headlamps for night running and I hate how they flop around. I also dislike the light path they give. A friend recommended these and I love them. So comfortable. The lights are very bright, and very direct able for trails and beat up roads. The charger is small and works quickly. The lights are bright enough that you can share one with a friend. I used them in a Ragnar and they stayed charged for my two night runs plus a friend's run. Highest recommendation.

Need this

So wanting to try this light

Great for Ragnar team

These knuckle lights worked great for my trail Ragnar team. Very bright, good addition to headlamp. Also very easy to hand off between teammates.

An amazing product! I wish I had discovered them sooner. Fabulous customer service provided also.

So much better than a headlamp!

I bought my Knuckle Lights to walk my dog in the dark and they have been great! This weekend I ran a trail race in the dark and were the best! so much better than a headlamp!

Long time User

This is my second set of Knuckle Lights Advanced, my first set met an unfortunate demise. I will not run in the dark without them, on road off road they light my way. Best lights I ever used.

Be Seen

Waited for a sale, as I thought these were a bit pricy (but still on my priority list) Love them! I have the rechargeable set to save on batteries.I think they'll become invaluable when running in the dark


Love my running lights. I’ve had a couple of pairs and haven’t found anything quite as good when running on dark nights. Really light up the road ahead, hard wearing and efficient. Only thing to watch out for is the import tax if shipping to the UK.

OPEN BOX: Knuckle Lights Original (Silver)

Knuckle Lights Advanced - Truly Advanced

I've used Knuckle Lights Original for many years now and they have yet to fail me.  They work wonders at lighting my path on my pre-dawn runs. Knuckle Lights Advanced are really just that - truly Advanced lighting.  I am more than impressed with these ultra powerful and rechargeable lights.  They never bounce and always give me steady lighting.  With Knuckle Lights Advanced, I feel confident knowing that I can see my way through the dark, and feel safe knowing that others can see me.