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Great product and great customer service. Highly recommended!

Excellent product

I use them each week and they are just what I need. Bright, light and much easier for me than a headlamp!

good lights

They shine wide and bright and easy to hold.

LED Safety Blinkers
Eileen McKinstra
Great products

I love the LED blinkers--very dependable (and bright) and easy to snap on to the back side of the belt of the safety vest.

Knuckle Lights Advanced
Danny Blaylock
Knuckle lights advance

I bought them for my wife and she loves them. We run at 4:30 am and she won’t leave the house with out them.


I love these lights. Perfect for running, and the amount of light is amazing. Not longer using my small flashlight! I don’t know how I lived without this product.

Why did I wait so long to order?

These are great. They are super comfortable and provide excellent light.

Open Box Knuckle Lights

I LOVE them! They are awesome. So light weight, you forget that you even have them. They hold a charge forever it seems. And soooooooooooooo bright!

Brilliant Design!

I’d been looking to try these for a long time and finally pulled the trigger recently. Best decision ever!!! They’re bright LEDs and come as rechargeable battery. Now that I don’t have to wear my old head lamp when I run at night anymore, I can actually enjoy my hat collection!!!

Light up the street

Awesome. Can see all the imperfections on the roads.

OPEN BOX: Knuckle Lights Original (Black)

Love Knuckle Lights. I am a long time user and just bought another pair for my husband as s Valentines Day gift. He is in love also.

Knuckle Lights Advanced
Eileen McKinstra
great lights

These are perfect for running. They are enough light to see ahead clearly and also so lightweight that I really forget that I am even carrying/wearing the lights.

Knuckle Lights Original

Knuckle Lights Advanced

Great Product & Great Customer Service

Love the lights so much I bought a pair for my running partner. Then sent in a question and got a personal response from the owner, along with a generous offer to help with my problem. Very impressed.

Knuckle Lights Original
Victoria Manganiello
They’re perfect!!

These are just what I needed for my 5:30 am walks in the dark!! Thank you for making such a perfect product!!!!

Return customer

I had an original set of Knuckle Lights which got cracked and I purchased a set of Advanced and another set of Original. I run Ultra Marathons and an frequently out at night or early morning. I also use a head lamp. I love the flexibility of Knuckle Lights that no other lighting system allows. I am constantly putting into the sidelines to checkout noises, etc.

Knuckle Lights Advanced
Janet Wooddancer-Fisher
Great product. Great customer service

I received a set of the original Knuckle Lights for Christmas for running after dark. So far I've only used them for walking my dog at night. They are so much easier than carrying a flashlight with the dog and brighter too. However, one of the lights suddenly stopped working shortly after I received them. After a quick chat with the Knuckle Lights people, I received a new set to replace the defective light within a couple of days. They only required a photo of the light in question, so I didn't have to return it. Very happy.

Knuckle Lights Advanced
Anne Mette Smeenk
My dog loves running with them

I have tried a variety of hand held running lights and these are the best yet. The lights can be used together or in different directions. My hands are still free to use when I need them.

So bright!

I love love these! They’re so much brighter than ones I’ve had in the past, and I love that they’re rechargeable!

Perfect illumination

These are very lightweight and illuminate the road super well. Last week I had no difficulty seeing and avoiding black ice on my early morning runs.


I’m an early morning runner. I live in an established neighborhood with mature trees. The root system of the trees often grows under the sidewalks and pushed up the surface creating numerous trip hazards which I’ve experienced. With the knuckle lights, I’m able to see the surface right in front of me and what up ahead or to my right or left. I had been using a headlamp for years and that requires me to keep my head down to see to sidewalk which creates an awkward running form. Knuckle lights are the way to go.

Fiance loves them!

Gave these to my fiance for Christmas because he always runs in the dark. He's used them a few times now and he absolutely loves them. Says they are super comfortable and the light is super bright. Makes me feel a lot better knowing that he is safer out there!

Knucklelight Road Noise Vest

Wonderful product, bought all the runners in my family a vest! These work really well on the road both night, day and early mornings!