1. Communicate – Be open with your work colleagues, your family and your friends. It is vital to maintain a level of understanding and communicative exchange. If you are unable to complete a work project or commit to organizing that birthday party, you must be able and willing to say so. And guilt should not enter into any aspect of this! Guilt is for those who’ve done something wrong, taking care of yourself amidst a busy world is not a crime.

  2. Utilize technology – There is a plethora of tools available to help organize every aspect of your life. From calendars, to online scheduling tools, to map trackers, there is an app for that! Plus, most are available for little to no money and can greatly increase your success in each day.

  3. Prioritize – Lists are awesome. Lists help us to keep our to-do’s in line and allow us to put down on paper (or screen) what is needed of us, and in which order. Be it in a journal, an online tool, or a mental note, making lists help us to prioritize and greatly increases our ability to approach each task with organization in tow. Additionally, it feels so great to check things off that growing list…

  4. Take a Break! – Take time for you! Find time to make that desired cup of coffee and relax while you drink it. Try to find chores that are easy enough that you can listen to a saved podcast or call an old friend. Even take the time to indulge! Finished dinner and ready to dig into the ever dreaded dishes? Why not pour a small glass of red wine and take your time completing this task – sometimes it’s the little things that get us through, and allow us to prosper, during the long, tiresome days.

  5. Get moving – It’s scientifically proven that exercise is not only ideal for a healthy lifestyle but also reduces stress and brings balance and structure into the every day. Even if all you have time for is a short jog in the morning, grab your knuckle lights, brew the coffee the night before and be on your way before daylight. It’s amazing the difference you’ll feel, throughout the day, if you put the time in to move your body and get that blood flowing first thing in the morning! Shine on!

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