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Hood To Coast Relay Safety Gear Requirements

July 03, 2024

Participating in the Hood To Coast Relay is an exciting adventure that requires careful preparation, particularly regarding safety. As you prepare for this challenging overnight event, it's crucial to have the right safety gear for the different terrains and conditions you'll face.  Every participant must have and use specific safety gear during the relay. The thrill of the race is heightened by the knowledge that you are prepared for any situation that might arise.

Hood To Coast
Safety Gear Requirements*

Before the relay begins, make sure to write your emergency contact information on the back of your race bib. This is a requirement for Hood To Coast and is vital in case of an emergency while you're running.

To stay safe and easily seen by drivers and other runners in low-light conditions, you must have the following safety accessories (though more is always better) from 6:00pm until 7:00am.

  1. Flashlight, Headlamp or Knuckle Lights. Yes, Knuckle Lights are an approved light source for Hood to Coast!
  2. Two (2) LED Flashers. One must be worn on your front and one on your back and visible at all times--be sure your clothing does not cover or obscure either blinker.
  3. Reflective Safety Vest. Please note: the reflective vest must be worn until 9:00am.

*This list is also applicable to the Portland To Coast Relay (go walkers!!)

Teammates and support crew are highly recommended to wear a reflective vest and LED flasher any time they are not in the race vehicle from 6:00pm – 9:00am.

Headphones and ear bud are highly discouraged. Runners should only use music devices with speakers below the head or outside of the ear to be sure you are able to hear instructions and traffic noises.

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Relay Runner Safety Kit

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