Oh...The Many Ways Knuckle Lights Can Help Light Your Path!

What do you use your Knuckle Lights for? Although created during training for a half marathon, we’ve found multiple uses for this great safety tool!

Here are our top recommendations for ways to utilize your Knuckle Lights!

  1. Running: As Knuckle Lights were created with running in mind, we find our biggest market in the recreation and professional running community. If you prefer one light, over two, our new versions are magnetic and can be used as one! Alternatively, our original version is bright enough that one, worn on either preferred hand, is sufficient.
  2. Cycling: Knuckle Lights are great for bikers! Both to those that bike to work or those that ride on the weekends, these are a great, affordable alternative to other cycling lights.
  3. Walking: Many people walk to the bus or metro stations in the morning, and back at night. Knuckle Lights are a great, safe choice to add to your routine. Additionally, they are lightweight and easy to use.
  4. Hiking: Planning a mid Winter overnight camping adventure? Knuckle Lights are as bright as flashlights, easy to carry and don’t add much to your backpack weight. They are even bright enough to tie to the tent ceiling and use as a reading light after the sun sets!
  5. Dog Walking: Although our favorite canine companions seem to run on a very specific, dog-themed clock, there really is no hour not good for a walk! Meaning: be ready to go out with your pooch at all hours! Knuckle Lights are great to grab, along with the leash (and doggy bags), for those last minute, or early morning, walks!


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