We’re ALL About the 10k…

There’s something about the 10k that has all our interest these days. It seems to be the perfect race to participate in during marathon/ultra training and it’s just long enough to get that runner’s high, yet not too long to wear you out.

Here are a few 10k races we can’t wait for! 

Adidas Shamrock Run - Portland Oregon

Portland Bridge to Brews

  • Bay to Brews (one may wonder if beer was absent if we'd still race...) 

Newport Bay to Brews

Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm Woodburn Oregon

  • Omak Orchards in Bloom (...or may be it's all about the flowers? Flowers and beers and a 10k and we're in ;)

Omak Orchards in Bloom

What are you training for?


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