Why is Everybody Doing Triathlons?

Have you noticed the upswing from your running friends transferring their basic training regime for triathlon preparation? We all know running is good for us, but what do we gain from adding cycling and swimming to the mix? How great are Triathlons and what are we missing?!

The more we read and the more we know the more interested we become. It appears, by combining these three types of exercise, one gets into the optimal fitness shape. By balancing the bodies fitness training to incorporate varietal training one actually comes out more prepared for almost...anything!

So, we figure we’ll give it a go. But how to start?

1. Choose your distance

    1. Sprint -  .5 mile swim | 12.4 mile bike ride | 3.1 mile run
    2. Olympic - .93 mile swim | 24.8 miles bike ride | 6.2 mile run
    3. ITU  Long - 1.86 mile swim | 49.6 mile bike ride | 12.4 mile run
    4. Half - 1.2 mile swim | 56 mile bike ride | 13.1 mile run
    5. Full - 2.4 mile swim | 112 mile bike ride | 26.2 mile run
2. Prepare for a different type of workout schedule and for new places of soreness
    1. A 12 week triathlon training schedule for beginners
3. Pick a race
    1. We advise training for 6 weeks and evaluate before signing up...but, we’ll admit we’ve bookmarked a few pages… 

4. Train well, eat well and perform well

5. Race!

And let us know how it went!