Top 10 uses for Knuckle Lights

Although Knuckle Lights were conceived with running in mind, there are so many uses for these great, bright, easy to use lights! Perhaps you have another use for your Knuckle Lights? If so, we’d love to hear from you and continue to expand this list:

  1. Running (Be it training for a marathon, or just getting out before work to stay in shape, running is the basis of Knuckle Lights creation)
  2. Walking (Knuckle Lights are perfect for walkers or using them to light your path on the way to the bus stop/transit in the early morning hours)
  3. Dog Walking (You can easily wear our Knuckle Lights and hold a dog leash! Plus this helps your favorite canine see the ideal spots to sniff…)
  4. Backpacking – (When out in the woods, it’s ideal to have emergency lighting and having Knuckle Lights with you can help light your hiking trail in the wee early mornings or into the evening hours.)
  5. Camping – (Looping your Knuckle Lights to the top of your tent or hanging them off a low hanging branch can help with campfire cooking and allowing light for reading or family activities after the sun sets!)
  6. Relay Races – (From Hood to Coast to your favorite Ragnar Relay, Knuckle Lights are relay race essentials!)
  7. Backstage Lights – (One of our Knuckle Light’s super fans uses his to light the way backstage when he’s working on theater productions – what a bright idea!)
  8. Trick or Treating – (In the late October evening hours, the days get darker at an earlier time, bring your Knuckle Lights Trick or Treating and utilize the lights to light your path from house to house!)
  9. Car Emergency Kit – (Keeping a pair of Knuckle Lights in your car emergency kit can really save you if you have a flat tire while driving at night or need to find something in the depths of that trunk…)
  10. Home Repair/Car Maintenance Aid – (We always have a Knuckle Light in our toolbox and near our back door in case we need to take the trash out after dinner or fix a leaking pipe under the sink!)


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