How to Fit in Running with a Newborn

Preparing to bring a brand new life into the world? Scared you won’t have time to fit in your love of running? Never fear! We’ve been there and we’ve got the tips for you to put in motion before, during and after the birth of your baby!

Stay as healthy as possible! You know that and you’re body will help to assist  you in the right direction. Listen to your body and respond with gratitude

Take the time to recover. Childbirth is a huge undertaking and your body will need the time to get back into shape. Nap when your baby naps, stay hydrated and make sure you’re taking the time to return to full mommy (or daddy) working function

Accept help when offered…When your mother in law offers to help out on Wednesday afternoons - say yes! Even if she tends to micromanage your grocery shopping, step back, accept the assistance and take a breather. You need all the breaks you can get.

Start running at different times of day . Knuckle Lights were created when our founder, Dan, had to train for a half marathon with a new baby at home. Staying bright and seen are essential for morning or nighttime running. Knuckle Lights are on the sidelines ready and waiting to lead the way! (Read more about out story)

Stroller Running is as easy as 1, 2, 3 - When your baby is ready, adapt stroller running. You may need to work slowly into this as baby may not be comfortable with the new type of movement. Start off on shorter runs, make sure baby is warm (or shaded) and always bring a water bottle for you and something for your precious little one!


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