Running at Night

We’re, obviously, big proponents for running at night. Not only do we get our workout in without sacrificing our daily schedule, but it makes us feel so alive to run in the dark, particularly when we are seen and can see! Here are a few other tips we follow to make sure our night runs are fun, successful and, most important of all, safe:

  • We follow a well lit route: We have a few routes that we have predetermined to be well lit and familiar. It’s best to know where you’re headed and not just head out without a plan.
  • We stay visible: We wear reflective gear, always carry our Knuckle Lights and will sometimes even wear a headlamp, if it’s extremely dark or stormy.
  • We run WITHOUT earbuds: Although music is a great motivator, it’s imperative to hear your surroundings, so we save our playlists for day runs or use at the gym.
  • We fuel up well the night before AND prep a good meal for our return: If we know we have run coming up, the following morning, we make sure to eat a good meal and keep the alcohol consumption down. We also make sure to prep a good meal for our return and make sure the coffee is brewing as we pop back into to get ready for the day!
  • We bring our phone with us: Although we don’t listen to music, or wear our ear buds, we do always ensure our phone is with us….just in case...
  • We try to buddy up, whenever possible: Ideally, we’d always run with a friend or running group, but sometimes life just pulls all of us in different directions. Most major cities have running communities that will pull together folks who run at specific times. Check with your local running store to see if they support, or know of, groups you can join!


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