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Run Your First Marathon!

February 12, 2021

Running your first Marathon requires both physical and mental preparation. If you are a beginner, you have a lot to prepare and learn when joining in to Marathons. Here’s a trick question. Which part of you gives up first during a long run? Is it your heart? Lungs? Or your feet? The answer is none among the three. Surprisingly it is your brain (if you have trained well, of course).  Before we share some helpful tips and tricks on how to train yourself in Marathons, make sure to commit and apply the list that you are going to learn.



Choosing and setting a goal will help you start your marathon journey to success. Pick a goal carefully and know your capabilities. Also, make a realistic decision to avoid possible physical or internal injuries but don’t doubt yourself. This will be your first time to join a marathon so think carefully. Keep in mind that knowing your physical capabilities are important too. 

It is also important to know the weather, location, race course and type of race you are joining. When it comes to the weather, fall and spring are the top 2 weather conditions to choose from. If you like running while beating the heat then choose fall or choose spring for a slightly cold to cooler weather. As for the location, take time to look at the route of the marathon that you are going to choose. Is it flat? Hilly? Or out in the open? You can use your Google Maps or check the actual location before you register.


Trust your schedule and commit unto it. Strictly follow your routine and challenge yourself to finish your daily task. If you are working and have a tight schedule especially during the weekdays, you have the whole night to choose the best time to have a “night time running” schedule. Plan your night time running schedule and place it where you can see it everyday to mark the activities or your daily accomplishments to avoid backlogs. Discipline yourself by following your schedule. If you can’t follow your simple training schedule then you are going to have a problem along the way.   


This is also connected to your training schedule. Fuel your body with the right food intake. Physically preparing yourself to get in shape is as important as your lifestyle. Remove the unhealthy habit of eating processed or store bought food. Prepare your own meal to count your daily calories and how much calories you burn every day. Also, know the right combination of carbs, protein and good fats that your body needs when preparing for a marathon and lastly, listen to your body. For night time running look for easy yet healthy food to fuel your body before training. 


Shoes are everything. Invest in what is needed the most. Just like the Prince finding the rightful owner of the glass shoe, which is Cinderella by the way. It is crucial to choose the right pair of shoes for preparing a marathon so choose your footwear WISELY. If you are active at night to train yourself, investing a great visibility running gear is also a necessity. Look for a gear for running that is hassle-free for your training journey. Don’t think too much of which product to choose from because I highly recommend Knuckle Lights for your night time running equipment. Less interruption while flexing your visibility running gear because you won’t be disturbed by the traffic and you can focus on your route. Night time running does not make such a huge difference in day time if you are driven to join a marathon. In fact running at night is a perfect time to use Knuckle Lights gear for training. If you are busy during the day especially if you work the whole day, Knuckle Lights is the one and only right gear for running. It is lightweight and helps you light your path with its awesome high visibility feature. I also recommend using a safety vest for your protection. It is to protect your back or side view for incoming vehicles because you’ll be running fast at night. It is best to give a heads up to drivers with poor eyesight at night. 


I’m pretty sure you can do all the things that’s already listed above. Are you ready to fuel your mind too? Let us start with the basics that will uplift your whole mood and fun preparation especially for beginners. 


Create a playlist that will motivate and inspire you to join the marathon. It helps you to lift yourself to keep you going. Don’t worry! you can use your Knuckle Lights during your night time running schedule while listening to uplifting songs because Knuckle Lights is one of the minimalist gears you can bring while running. It is a perfect combination for beginners who just started their training but remember to be mindful to your surroundings while listening to music. 


It is great to imagine that you are near the finish line but there’s a lot more to think of. Call in your friends, family and your partner to plan their locations. It is a good way to boost your strength whenever you see someone you know for every few miles you finish. “Let your legs do the running, your mind do the pacing, and your heart do the pushing.’’ –Anonymous. And by your heart do the pushing, meaning it is your loved ones pushing you to finish what you started. 


Honestly, there’s going to be part of the race where it gets tough. After months and months of training you should have your mantra by now to keep you going. It will help you get through the hard part where your mind is getting weak. That is the time you recite your mantra! Here are some mantras that will get you pumped up. “Focus on what you can control.”, “How badly you want this?’’, “If these were easy everyone would do it.” Or “Finish strong!” Don’t underestimate the powerful words you put in your mind into. Not only during marathons that you will experience hardships but during your training too. Things will get rough but, Hey! The more you experience pain that’s when you know you are improving. Acknowledge yourself a little. “No pain, no gain.” Right? 


After months of training, remember to look back on your training journey. Remember why you are doing it. Think of your inspiration why you started and see how far you have achieved. “Everyone has a reason why they sign up for a marathona reason, a cause or people.” says Melanie Kann (RRCA-certified running coach). Calm yourself the day before the race, prepare the things that you need to prepare to avoid overthinking. Also, it is important to have a good sleep before the big event or else you are not going to have your full capacity on your big day. You did your best to get in shape for the past few months and now it is time to accomplish your marathon journey. 

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  • Great advice all around! Knuckle Lights are great to have on those dark, early morning runs when trying to fit a long run into a busy schedule. I have been using mine during my training for my first marathon. Thanks!

    Jean on

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