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A Few of Our Favorite Reviews of 2017!

December 28, 2017

We're so thankful for every review, but some stand out and we just wanted to share! Read on for more reasons to stay safe and seen this winter...

  • Grit and Stride "They have even helped me find change early in the morning." 

Grit and Stride

  • Beard on the Run "If you are an outdoor runner, then this is a must add accessory for running in the dark!"

Beard on the Run

  • Heather Run Thirteen Point One "Not only have I used Knuckle Lights COLORS for running, but also to go get the mail and when the power goes out to navigate the house. They're awesome for so many activities!"

Heather Runs Thirteen Point One

  • Run Eat Tri Yogi "I honestly can't imagine running without them, even when it's light out.  To many more miles with Knuckle Lights!"

Run Eat Tri Yogi

  • She Runs by the Seashore "The headlamp used to leave a mark on my forehead, but the Knuckle Lights just slip on my hands with an adjustable band."

She Runs by the Seashore

  • Adventures by Katie "I really like the amount of light that they project because it keeps me from tripping over branches, sticks, and other things during my night runs. I also feel safer because I know that cars can better see me when I am on the street."

Adventures by Katie


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