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Running Gear Wish List for Summer

August 03, 2020

Summer is well underway, and although it is much different this year, with no summer vacations, outdoor concerts and all the other fun activities that have been cancelled or postponed.  But one thing is remaining the same and that is logging miles running.  It is a welcome and reliable activity to not only keep in shape but help with the mental aspect of having our lives completely upended for months on end.

One of our other favorite activities is shopping for running gear.  Summer is a great time to get a few new things to help with recovery and keeping cool during those warmer runs.  The following are a few of the running gear currently on our wish list: 

Hoka One One Ora Recovery Slide
: These will be awesome to slip on after a long run on the hot pavement.  It feels so good to slip off your shoes after a run in the heat and these will be a good way to keep our feet cool.

Hoka One One Recovery Sandle

Oiselle Lux Gaiter: The world has completely changed over the past 6 months and we now wear masks everywhere.  Many of us even use a mask while exercising, which I never thought possible, but isn't too bad actually.  Masks and gaiters are now available from many running apparel companies and we really like this one from Oiselle.

Oiselle Gaiter


BOCO Gear Masks: Speaking of masks, we realized we can not have enough of them at this time.  BOCO Gear has a whole bunch of great designs, and even better they are offering a great deal: buy 4 and get 1 free. 

BocoGear facemasks

Goodr Pabst O'Clock Sunglasses: Goodr has quickly become the go-to brand for running sunglasses, and no wonder with all of their fun and innovative designs. Now Goodr has a new style for those who enjoy a classic Pabst Blue Ribbon beer at the end of a hot summer day.

Goodr PBR sunglassesOrange Mud HydraQuiver Single Barrel: Having a water bottle of some type while running in the summer is even more important, as the heat can quickly leave us dehydrated.  We love the style of the Orange Mud Hydtaquiver and its minimalist design doesn't retain as much heat as other larger hydration vests.

Orange Mud Hydration Vest

FlipBelt Reflective PT Belt: We love FlipBelts because it is such an easy way to carry a phone, keys, or anything else we may need during our run.  Now they have a reflective version to help you be seen during those runs at dusk or dawn.

Flipbelt reflective belt

Mission Cooling Bucket Hat: Okay this is number one on our list. The wide brim covers ears, forehead and back of the neck.  Best part is that it is designed to be soaked in cool water and then used, and will keep you 30 degrees cooler than the outside temperature.

Mission cooling hat

This is some of the running gear that we are excited about this summer.  Let us know what is on your wish list.  Keep cool out there and keep running!

Stay safe, be seen, and Own The Night!

Dan Hopkins
Knuckle Lights


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  • Found your company and website while looking for a light to use while I slog (at 72 yrs of age my running has become more of a slow jog i.e. a slog) 6 days a week in the predawn hours. I’ve managed to get by up to now without seeing the raccoon family cheering me on (I want to believe that’s what they were doing) from the side of the road until I was almost on top of them, or the coyote that I’ve managed to only catch glimpses of on a couple of occasions. It was the third coyote sighting that convinced me to get a light, but it’s probably the potholes that will do more damage to my body than the coyote that has yet to figure out whether I’m a threat or a food source. Anyway, I’m expecting my Knuckle lights to arrive in a couple of days and just wanted you to know it looks like a great product.

    Dennis on

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