Hood to Coast 2019 - in the books!

Notes from the man at the helm - what a race it was. Thanks to all who ran, encouraged, volunteered and helped make our first Knuckle Lights team such a success! 

“Wow, I can’t believe it has been almost a week since we started our Hood to Coast adventure.  I hope everyone had fun—personally, I can say I had a great time (if it wasn’t for the running!)  Cheering everyone at the exchanges, trying to sleep in the van, cowbells and honking at our runners was the fun stuff.

A HUGE thank you to our volunteers, we could NOT have done this without you—Krissy, Trent and Nachi had volunteer positions along the HTC course, and is a tough, unthankful job.  They worked hard for us without being able to participate in the team camaraderie and finish line celebration.

Stephanie was our awesome driver for Van 1.  She was truly our van mom, she took us to her office in Portland during our break, got us dinner, made sure we had showers, brewed a whole thing of coffee.  That is the type of pampering I am not used to, and she was so much fun to chat with along the way, I just don’t understand how she didn’t seem to get tired.  And she was a great driver! We only got stuck at one point, in a parking lot in North Portland, and while almost everyone in the van was yelling at her to just “JUMP THE CURB!” (it’s just a rental van), I’m super glad she had patience and did not (Avis had my credit card on file after all).

Thanks to Kristina for hosting the team for wonderful spaghetti dinner last Thursday, all the kids had fun decorating the vans and it was good to meet each other beforehand. 

If you are interested in HTC 2020 please let me know, I will need to come up with a plan...” ~Dan (Knuckle Lights Owner and Founder and leader of the pack!)

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