How having a dog has kept us in shape…

We adore our pups and we’ve been thinking about how good they are for us! Not only do they encourage us to get outside and stay active, they help keep us upbeat and optimistic. In a dog’s world, nothing is better than a walk (regardless of the weather) and happiness is more than a state of mind - it’s a state of being!

Here are a few other reasons why dog ownership has been SO good to us.

  • Improves our heart: We’re happier, we’re healthier, our heart thrives!
  • Improves our social life: We talk to other dog owners, when out on our walks - thus, we meet our neighbors. And there’s nothing like meeting our community at the local dog park!
  • Reduces stress: We laugh more, we get more fresh air and we get a companion to calm our nerves by simply sitting and petting our lovely canine buddies.
  • Keeps us active: Morning walk, evening walk...sometimes a weekend hike. We stay healthy, the dog stays healthy - win win!
  • Provides the best way to come home after a long day at work!



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