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Evening Run around the Neighborhood

February 13, 2021

After all that’s happening in the world (COVID 19), it’s best to stay fit but how’s your running routine anyway? Running in the evening just around the neighborhood would be the best choice for now, safe from the crowd and the threat of catching the virus. 

It has been almost a year after the CORONA VIRUS also known as COVID-19 has changed our lives or should I say our routines? 2020 has been one of the difficult year for us, not only in some countries but around the world. As you can see on the news, articles, Facebook and other social media platforms, the pandemic is one of the most challenging and difficult time that and leads us no choice but to change our ways of surviving 2020 up to this day. Now, a year has passed and we are not yet sure if we are near with the solution that we need. Our way of living has gone through a lot of adjustments as we need to follow the protocols of our country or let’s just say our local area.

After the first few months of lockdown we were able to rest the Earth from its suffering. The noise and air pollution was lessened for sure. It is one of the best days to have a good run for a runner or jogger that would be thinking. No cars, no noise from big trucks and other vehicles, no smoke to breathe while running the sidewalk. You can have the whole city with no one interrupting you but of course it is prohibited to run around because of lockdown and of course there is a small chance of getting the virus is you stay at home. But don’t you miss the outside? The parks and stadiums used to be filled with kids or adults and even athletes for their daily exercise which they can also go for an evening run or workout there too. It was a happy place for some people especially to those who work out. It is not just the work out or exercise, it was also part of their lifestyle. But then again, the pandemic happened and everything was changed. 

Speaking of change, now that everything is according to the protocols of your local area. There are some places that we can no longer go to, right? The gyms are closed, the parks are closed, the stadiums are closed and a lot of our recreational activity areas that we used to go to are temporarily closed. However, evening run is not that common but it is one of the safest and rewarding activity when the sun is down. Due to unavailability of gyms and stadiums, why don’t you just go for an evening exercise to your friendly neighborhood? It is already mentioned that it is one of the safest thing to do right now because of pandemic, it is also safe because you are familiar with your route. It is your neighborhood anyway so you can choose where to go and where not to go to. You can also ask your closest neighbor to join you for a more fun evening run! You have a high visibility in your neighborhood because of the street lights but let us all be honest here, not every area has street lights in every corner. If you are looking for a high visibility gear then Knuckle Lights is the one for you. 

For runners, it is highly recommended to use high visibility gears such as Knuckle Lights. Unlike in walking, you have a big amount of time to decide or choose your path before you cross the street during your evening run. In running you have to give a signal using your Knuckle Lights to give a heads up in case there is a vehicle that you may come across in the evening. Even if you are far away before crossing the street, your high visibility light will give the person who is driving an extra time to see if a person is passing by. Knuckle lights for runners is definitely a must have when you go for an evening run

While some people prefer running, some people prefers jogging. Especially to adults who already reached the age of 50 that are still active in exercising or in need of exercise to prevent heart failure. It is advisable to exercise around the neighborhood rather than going to do gym which it is a higher risk of getting virus. At these ages, they are forbidden to go outside but some places are not restricted because they will be just in their neighborhood. Knuckle Lights for joggers are also recommended not just for teenagers or adults, it is also a must have for seniors too. It is lightweight and handy for them to carry and easy to use without the need of instructions from someone else! Knuckle Lights for joggers is also a recommended gear for student athletes or athletes who can’t go to the gym because some minors don’t have their license to drive yet and there are less or no transportation that is available right now due to pandemic. 

Since everyone cannot go to the gym right now, exercising is advisable during this time of crisis to improve and strengthen our immune system and also our mental health. There are no excuses that you don’t have time throughout the whole day because you can always choose to exercise for an evening run.  As our hearts start pumping during a run, the increase in blood flow helps to speed the circulation cells throughout our body. This may help our immune cells detect illness sooner, and quicken our immune response to viruses. By promoting good circulation, running helps the cells and components of the immune system move through the body and do their job more efficiently, take note that you breathe a fresh air at night time because there are less vehicle that you encounter. These are stressful times, and high stress levels can have a negative effect on our immune system. Thankfully, easy to moderate runs can help with reducing the stress levels in our bodies. This, as well as just being outside, can lessen anxiety and the stress it places on our body. We have to learn and adapt or take advantage of what we currently have, some cities are still in lockdown but they allow to roam around in our own respective neighborhood, so why not go for an evening run, right?

In this current situation we are dealing, it is best for everyone to stay around in their own neighborhood for walks and runs to minimize the spread of the virus. However, if your city allows you to run in the city, strictly follow protocols, keep safe, wear your mask and see if it fits to run at night since there are less people and traffic that you will likely to encounter and socialize but don’t forget to bring your Knuckle Lights! (You’d still gonna to need it, trust me.) Being cooped up in the house may be hard on our sanity. Some of us are feeling stir crazy, but even short runs and walks outside can help clear our heads and give a sense of purpose to our days. Spend time outside. Breathe the fresh air. Go for a run.

If you are uncomfortable with the regular mask, invest in performance mask or masks with breathable cloth. Before you start your evening run or walk. Hydrate and give yourself time to stretch. If it is your first time to run using a mask, run in your pace and slowly adjust to it. After a while you will get used to it. Prepare your batteries from your charging base and place it in your Knuckle Lights and reflective vest. If your neighborhood is dense with traffic. Be careful and run against the traffic especially when it is dark. Always bring your water bottle to hydrate your body. After your run take a rest and cool down. Before you enter your house. Sanitize your hands and your sole. Directly enter to your bathroom and take a shower before you interact with your loved ones. Then have a good night sleep for tomorrow’s activities! 


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