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14 Hilarious Running Moments From TV & Film

October 06, 2020

During this "Unprecedented Time" (anyone else getting tired of hearing that phrase?) many of us have a little extra time on our hands.  It can be easy to use those extra hours to watch a movie or stream videos on YouTube.  I had never spent much time on YouTube before, but now realize what a rabbit hole it can be.  One interesting video leads to another and then it is suddenly three hours later.

Comedy is my usual go-to for movies and when I noticed that Old School was on IFC the other day I had to watch it, as it is one of my all time favorites.  Frank the Tank's streaking scene got me thinking about the different movies and shows that have references to running and jogging (not that streaking is actual running, but hey, get your exercise wherever you can I guess) so I decided to make a list of my favorites.

The first movie most people would put on such a list would likely be Forrest Gump ("Run Forrest, Run") and then perhaps Chariots of Fire.  Don't get me wrong, those movies are great, but since my favorite category is comedy, I wanted a list of FUNNY scenes.

If you have your own favorites, leave them in the comments below.

NOTE: Viewer Discretion Advised while watching these clips, there are a few naughty words and adult situations.


Run Fatboy Run

Remember your first run?  The anticipation, getting ready and then the satisfaction after completing?  This clips sums it up perfectly in about 30 seconds. And the tiny running shorts are awesome.



I think we should all try running like Phoebe, it looks like fun!  And you don't care if people are staring because it's just for a second and then you're gone!


The Dictator

I love how he shoots the second race official....after the race is over.

How I Met Your Mother

Barney was my favorite character on this show and I still remember watching this scene when the episode first aired years ago.  This is after Barney just ran a full marathon without training at all, in order to win a $50 bet.  If you have time, watch the whole episode with the set up.


Modern Romance

We all love running specialty stores, although this scene kind of gives them a bad rap--"I got cheaper stuff but if you sweat in it you get a skin rash."  I was such a fan of Bob Einstein.  As a teenager I absolutely loved his Super Dave Osborne character. 


Running laps in high school PE was so much fun, wasn't it?  Nothing like getting bullied by the kid with the prosthetic leg during a footrace.


Yes Man

I don't think that Photo Jogging thing ever caught on, but Red Bull definitely has. I wonder if Red Bull was actually happy about having their product mentioned in the movie like this, but I guess all press is good press.  

Brittany Runs A Marathon

This was an inspiring movie that was also very funny.  Here is the movie trailer; my favorite scene is when she is running so slow that the line of little kids walk past her and her running partner in the park.

The House Bunny

I can't believe I am adding this movie to the list, but Anna Faris's character is hilarious in this movie.  Oh, and I know I mentioned in the introduction that I wouldn't include Forrest Gump on this list, which I haven't, although this does a good parody of the leg brace scene. 


The Office

This is my son's favorite show right now, and during this pandemic lock down he has been on a mission to watch every episode. Funny enough, I already added this scene to this list and yesterday I walked in the room while he was watching and it was on this exact scene.  My son's favorite episode is when they play a basketball game in the warehouse.

Rocky II

Well, technically this is not a comedy and this scene certainly isn't funny (except for Rocky's loud grunts when he is jumping the benches); however, it has been calculated by analyzing the landmarks that Rocky would have had to run over 30 miles on this run!  We all know that is absolutely no problem for Rock, but what about all those 12 year old kids following behind him most of the way?  And why is it only little kids running with him?  Where the heck are their parents?  And if all those kids can so easily keep up with you are you really in that great of shape?  This all didn't seem so odd the first time I watched the movie, but 1979 was a different time.

Get Him To The Greek

Carb-loading is one thing, but here's a new way to get loaded before a run..

Benny Hill

I know, I know, Benny Hill has taken a hit in recent years for his original skits being sexist and not politically correct, which is absolutely true.  But that was also the reason I stayed up super late as a little kid, sneaking up to the family TV Saturday nights to watch his show.  This scene about joggers is rather tame in comparison to some of those I remember seeing as a kid, but is just as good.  I love when the milk turns to butter.


Ron Burgundy brings up the jogging fad (or is it Yogging?  It might be a silent "J") that was happening around the same time the above Benny Hill clip was actually filmed.  It's a short scene, but you don't realize how happy I am that I could include Anchorman on this list.


That's it.  14 funny TV and movie clips about running.  All opinions expressed here are my own.  Feel free to tell me if I am wrong about any of these or if you have other clips or scenes that should be added. 

Stay safe, be seen, and Own The Night!

Dan Hopkins
Knuckle Lights

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