How do you keep pushing when you have nothing left? 

We created the #nolimits campaign to share the stories of runners and walkers who have suffered through devastating injuries, disease or other set backs and have continued to do what they love, be it running, competing, or just living. Dedicating yourself to a life of health and fitness is not easy, and sometimes we may find ourselves getting off track. So we hope this video inspires you to keep pushing even when you feel like you hit a wall, to push past your doubts, and push past your limits!


Carol Craig

Spend more than five minutes with Carol Craig and it becomes clear; Carol is no ordianry lady. From blasting Moby loud in her car with her windows down as she drives down the street, to chopping her own firewood; she is one of the most capable humans you will ever meet. But this was not always the case. 

25 years ago, Carol suffered a debilitating car accident that left her bedridden for five years. She ended up gaining over 120 pounds in that time. When she started to heal, a doctor gave her the idea to take up walking as a hobby. It started a passion that grows stornger everyday. 

Breast cancer, fibromyalgia, vertigo, broken bones and a knee replacement haven’t been able to slow her down. Carol has walked in 12 full marathons and countless half marathons.

Many people would be done with competition after going through what Carol has but her zest for life and love for walking keeps her competing in as many walks as she can. At 75 years old, Carol still walks in events as often as possible, usually against younger and more able-bodied competitors.

Walking is only half of the story with Carol as she is also a loyal volunteer and loved by anyone she interacts with. Carol even volunteers and helps at events that she is competing in by handing out bibs before the race and water after.

You will likely find Carol Craig at any number of local Portland races like Pints to Pasta, Up the Lazy River 10K or the Hippie Chicks half marathon. Just look for the lady that doesn’t let anything slow her down.


Know someone with an incredible story?

If you or someone you know has a remarkable story of overcoming related to walking or running, please reach out and tell us about it. We are always looking for stories to inspire our fellow runners! 

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