The Bright Light Brigade is the brightest collection of brand ambassadors around.
Light the way forward, team!

Each year we add new ambassadors to help spread the word about our lights for running. Our goal is to remind runners and walkers to always be safe and wear reflective running gear and safety flashlight.

Brandi Gilbert
Brandi Gilbert uses night lights for running

Brandi is a 30 something runner who can be found pounding the pavement outside of Atlanta, GA. While running is her biggest passion, she also enjoys spending time cross training with yoga several days a week. 

She may be a middle of the pack runner, but absolutely loves getting stronger and faster over time. She started running a few years back as a result of a family goal to participate in a local 5K together. Shortly after she was bit by the running bug! Once she found out that running and being active can indeed be fun, it became a huge part of her life. She's actually just hit her 4 year mark of her run streak and ran her 100th half marathon! 

Running has taken her to some pretty amazing places, given her awesome opportunities, and introduced her to some of the greatest people in her life. She  loves showing others around her that running and being active can be fun!

Before Knuckle Lights she was using bulky flashlights or uncomfortable headlamps to light the way. The brightness of her Knuckle Lights help her to make sure that not only can she see where she is headed, but other runners and traffic can see her as well. Her favorite feature of Knuckle Lights are that they are hands-free. With the number of attacks on runners happening so frequently, having her hands free gives a better sense of safety in the event of a situation on her run.

Cheryl Speight                          

Cheryl Speight uses run lights

Cheryl started running after losing some weight and feeling more fit in August of 2013. She went to her local gym, ran 3 miles on the treadmill and has never looked back.

She finds that entering into events keeps her motivated to train...even during the long (and wet) UK Winters. She also finds that running helps with stress and greatly improves her mood - she is just much happier after a run!

Knuckle Lights are ideal for Cheryl as they highlight the direct route in front of her without causing her to have to look down. You just simply point them where you want in a moment’s time!  

Cheryl does some amazing long distance races and has created a great community with her blog, I’ll Stop When I’m Done, and finds that a new Omm Jacket, Bigger Camelbak and Trainers would be an ideal addition to her training gear regime and we think she’d wear them well and continue to inspire other runners with her wit, style and endurance!                                                            

Courtney Lyn Vigrass

Courtney Lyn Vigrass enjoys running at night

The exchange that changed it all:  "Sure, ten o'clock?" "Better make it 10:30.  For sure she'll be conked and milk drunk out by then!  He'll be hours asleep by then too.  My husband'll be studying so...."And with that exchange over the back fence with her neighbor Jill... Courtney started running.  (The "she" in question in the second sentence?  Her then newborn, now six.  The he?  Her then toddler, now eight.  And those times?  Those were PM, not AM.  At best, it was dark.  At worst, it was pitch black.  Jill and Courtney ran miles upon miles at "Dark O'clock" or "Dark thirty" while training for their first 5K.)

Then they got really crazy at a New Years party, in the earshot of all her brothers and both of their husbands:  "Half Marathon?  That sounds doable?  October?  That gives us ten months, right?"  More and more miles.  5, 8, 10Ks.  Half marathons.  Half marathons needed miles run in the VERY early a.m. to keep up with the needs of their collectively getting older and busier bunch of kids.

In between work and home, Courtney finds herself on the run. She finds her pace, she finds herself. She laughs, as her nearly 40 year old self could run circles around her 18 year old self! She runs to laugh, to live, to smile, to shine.

Erin Sherry

Erin Sherry uses reflective running gear

Although Erin never ran in High School, she participated in three varsity sports, so running was always, in one way or another, a part of her day. During vacations, her dad would always run, so Erin decided to join him one day and loved the way she felt afterwards - tired, hungry, but happy! She then decided to start running a few times a week.

Erin started by doing Ragnar Relays and has since completed 11! She loves the team dynamic, the laughs, the night runs and the exhilarated exhaustion!

Living in New York makes running through the cold months especially difficult. But, she loves the energy she gains from running and is always looking forward to the warmer days that Spring brings. She also makes an effort to sign up for races in the early Spring so that she always has a motivation and training plan in mind. Plus, she has started to run with a friend which helps when you have someone there with you, laughing and getting through the run together.

Erin uses her Knuckle Lights during all her Ragnar Races as well as the morning runs with her friend. With Knuckle Lights she can easily shine the light where she needs without having to change the direction of her body or head. She feels much safer knowing she is visible and in control of her safety.

Jason Myers                      

Jeremy Myers is a night runner

In 2007-8, after entering the medical field, Jason started to see a lot of patients that were in the hospital because they had lost control of their weight. At almost 300 lbs and tired of yoyo dieting, he decided to buy a bike and sign up for a MS150 ride. Due to his endurance and ability to go from 1-100, Jason finished his first 100 mile ride and decided to try triathlons. After losing significant weight on it was to sign up for his first half marathon. The half marathon was a success and at the moment when the half marathoners turn around he promised himself that one day he’d keep going. Only one year later Jason completed his first full marathon! He wants to be a role model for his children and show them that hard work does pay off.

Jason appreciates that Knuckle Lights help to keep him safe as he has 3 little ones that he always wants to get back, safely, to. Due to his schedule (5am-7pm) the only time Jason has to run is when it’s dark, so he owns the night with Knuckle Lights and reflective bright running clothing.

Jeremy Sanders                

Jeremy Sanders once used a headlamp for running

Jeremy started running at age 35 to lose weight and to keep up with his active son. One evening, he went out, ran a couple of miles and thought to himself, “That wasn’t so bad!” He trained for a 5k and went out and finished in the top 10! Although it was a small race, he was instantly hooked!

For every mile that Jeremy runs, he donates $1 to the Lucas Fund (, in memory of his first son who passed away shortly after he was born. Jeremy stays motivated by knowing this money goes to babies and families at the University of Virginia Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. He and his family, with the help of other runners who pioneer this cause, have raised $50,000.

Jeremy prefers Knuckle Lights to other illuminated night running gear as he appreciates the freedom to aim the light where he wants to without having to shine it where it’s not needed or, even worse, straight into an oncoming driver’s eyes!  Jeremy also makes sure to wear a reflective vest and clothing whenever possible and knows the brighter you are, the better your chances are to see and be seen!

Jessica Hadley

Jessica Hadley recommends running reflective gear

Jessica started running in February of 2015 as a stress reliever after the birth of her second son. She initially had the idea that runners were a bit crazy and she had, she thought: “there’s no way I could do that!” But, in a moment of madness, she stepped on a treadmill and has since never looked back! She wasn’t sure how to train or what races to sign up for but it made her feel good and gave her a time that was hers and only hers.

She is most motivated by racing and still wakes up at 3.45am to get her runs in...even in the winter! Jessica wore a headlamp for many years but her head would hurt all day and she’d be left with a red mark on her forehead! She appreciates that Knuckle Lights are bright and easy to wear, don’t alter her outfit or leave her with a prominent mark on her head!

Jill Maxey
Jill Maxey with gear for running

Jill is a 40 year old wife and mother of 3 from Michigan. She started running in middle and high school where she was a high jumper, hurdler and 4x400 relay runner. Once she got married and had kids, well, running went by the wayside.

She picked up running again in 2008 when her husband took a job out of state. It was meant to keep her sanity and mental needs in check. She would do lap upon lap (in the dark) around the block at night when her kids had gone to bed. 

She ended up partnering up with her neighbor, Courtney, after a Facebook plea to find a running buddy. Little did she know that much needed partner would live right next door! They started out slow and would run together in the dark. Flashlights weren't working so well and headlamps would shine all over the place except where they needed the light! 

She has completed 9 half marathons, 1 full and countless 5k and 10k races. All while using her Knuckle Lights on her training runs! She lives in suburbia were not all the streets are lit. She loves the safety and security from Knuckle Lights and is super excited to be a part of the Bright Light Brigade!

Julia Miller
Julia Miller also uses as a dog walking flashlight

Julia is a 40 year old wife and mom of 3 young kids. Running has shown her family that it's important to be healthy and to take care of yourself. 

She has run 6 full marathons, 14 half marathons and several 5k & 10k races. She runs with other women from the Madison She Runs This Town/Moms Run This Town Group. They run in the dark at 5.15am! Julia loves that her Knuckle Lights brighten their paths and keeps them all safe. 

Kaylene Cloud

Kaylene Cloud loves her jogger lights

Kaylene was always into athletics but was definitely NOT into running! It wasn’t until 2012 that she decided to give it a whirl. She set a goal to work up to running a 5k, but it was harder than she imagined. All the hard work paid off as she achieved her initial goal and within three years had run several half marathons and her first full marathon! Now she can’t imagine life without running…

Having running buddies has been the best motivation for Kaylene. These friends help keep her accountable and aid her in progressing in her active goals. Her Knuckle Lights also help as she loves to run in the early morning! She also appreciates that Knuckle Lights help to light up the entire road in front of her and provide enough light for her entire running crew!

Kevin Wilson

Kevin Wilson suggests running safety lights

In 2013, Kevin tore his Achilles Tendon in two places and had surgery the day before Thanksgiving. During rehab, he couldn’t believe how out of shape he felt! He vowed that it was time to get in shape. As soon as he got the Dr.’s ok to start running, he hit the road. Figuring he’d only make it a few minutes he soon decided to push himself and do 20 minutes. At that point, goals were for the making. The moment he got home, he signed up for his first race. The race he signed up for, and eventually ran, was the Ashenfelter 8k...on Thanksgiving...exactly one year to the day of his surgery!

Running has helped Kevin lose over 80 lbs and has helped to save him and provide the challenges that he thrives for. Just like the fact that Kevin signs up for big races in March and April which keeps him motivated through the winter months! Knuckle Lights also help Kevin get through his runs in the dark. He appreciates the safety precaution and injury prevention - he wants others to see him as he is running! Kevin is a great inspiration to get out, stay motivated and push your preconceived limits.

Kim Howard
Kim Howard and importance of safety running gear

Kim started running back in 1995 and began racing in 1997. He has raced in over 500 competitions and completed 76 marathons. 

He bought his first set of Knuckle Lights 6 years ago. He immediately fell in love with them! Kim runs early in the morning and the help him see as well as to be seen. Many people have told him how well they can see him when he's running with his Knuckle Lights! He always recommends them to friends and finds them much easier to use than and headlights or lights that you attach to a cap. 

Kimberly Hatting

Kimberly Hatting and her safety lights for running

Kimberly’s love of running began almost 13 years ago. She didn’t do it primarily to lose weight, but she definitely wanted to tone up and do something that made her feel good about, and for, herself.  Once she did her first distance race (20K) she was hooked.

She stays motivated in the dark and cold winter months by reassuring herself that days are always getting longer! Once past the winter solstice, it’s all downhill towards more daylight! She loves her Knuckle Lights for their functionality and convenience and also wears bright, reflective clothing to stay extra bright and visible.

Lauren Carey
Lauren Carey uses a runner flashlight

Lauren is part of an amazing and extremely supportive group of women on the Massachusetts South Shore: The South Shore Running Moms. So far, she has run 5 marathons, 13 half marathons, 1 Ragnar Relay and lots and lots of other distances. 

She heard about Knuckle Lights when she was on Pinterest looking at running gear. She is a 40 year old mom of two and usually the only time she can find time to squeeze in a run is in the early morning hours. Her Knuckle Lights fit the bill! They also come in handy during late nights and early morning runs for the Ragnar Races. She has even used her Knuckle Lights when Trick or Treating! 

 Lee Beam          

Lee Beam and gear for running at night

Lee never planned to run! She was an avid walker and was out one day when she got caught, 2 miles from home, as a terrible lightning storm was rolling in. Nobody was available for an urgent pick up, so she ran (in her Crocs!) to beat the thunderbolts back home. As she continued on, with labored breath and a few walking breaks, the idea of running became appealing. Thus, runs started to increase, as a part of her usual walks, and she hit her first 10 mile run. Lee, thought: “I might actually be a runner now…”

Running is part of her life now. It’s not a habit anymore; it’s a lifestyle. Due to the fact that the only time she has to run is 5am, she looks forward to the solitude and ‘head-space’.  She is based in Florida, which as we know has two seasons: Summer and January...Thinking of the heat and humidity keeps her grateful for the cool weather, even if she feels woefully unprepared with an appropriate wardrobe for a cold morning!

Because Lee runs almost entirely in the dark, Knuckle Lights are a good fit. She doesn’t like carrying things when she runs and and appreciates having her hands free to hit a crosswalk light or adjust a waistband. She loves that Knuckle Lights give her a seperate light on each hand and they sit there without the need to ‘hold on’. It not only about seeing where she’s going  but even more important that drivers and cyclists can see her!

One other cool fact about Lee? She runs 250-300+ miles a month and burns through shoes like there’s no tomorrow. There’s just something about a new kicks that always divert Lee’s attention...she loves the feeling of a new pair of shoes and how instantly you feel so much faster!  

Michael Kitano

Michael Kitano with night running gear

Michael has always been active. He played basketball from the mere age of 5 and continued until his mid 30’s. He then went on to play competitive softball but soon started to feel burned out. He needed something to keep him active after his recent diagnosis of type 2 diabetes. Michael started researching road races and in 2011 signed up for his 1st ever 5k!

Running was surely something that was quite different to what he was accustomed to, but he loved it! He continued to sign up for race after race until completing his first half marathon in 2012. Michael just recently finished his 145th race and is slowly transitioning from road to trail race.

His health keeps him motivated and he has two young daughters that he really wants to see grow up and be a part of their lives. He finds Knuckle Lights easy to run and recently used them at the 2017 Rock’n’Roll Las Vegas 10K. During this race Michael received plenty of compliments as part of the race course was pitch black!

Pamela Williamson

Pamela Williamson uses runners lights

Pamela started running in college. Her father had inspired her as he ran multiple marathons and road races when she was growing up. There were very few evenings in which Pamela’s dad didn’t run! She saw that he remained balanced with his work, stress level, family life and running long distances - it made a huge impact on her life.

Her running tribe keeps her motivated all year long. The ladies that Pamela runs with are pivotal in keeping her honest and motivated to get out of bed and hit the pavement. This running community offers her an outlet and reliable confidantes. She uses her Knuckle Lights to remain safe, and with this greater sense of safety, knows they help to motivate as well!

On a recent run at 5am, a walker saw Pamela and her friend running towards him. She had her Knuckle Lights on and as they passed the gentleman he mentioned: “You look like a train is coming!” Clearly, Pamela is owning the night with her Knuckle Lights and her encouraging running tribe!

Patricia Fledderman 

Patricia Fledderman prefers running night lights

Patricia started running in 2012 after the birth of her daughter. She had put on a bit of baby weight and was looking for a way to lose it when her husband found a Couch to 5K they could complete as a family! At the time, her husband was working 80+ hours a week and it became a way for them to de-stress and spend time together. After her first 5K in January of 2013, Patricia was hooked!

Her children are a great motivator for her as they are part of her training regime and her daughter just finished her own first 5k!! They have been running with her for longer than they can remember. Due to the fact that her husband no longer runs with her, she uses Knuckle Lights to feel safe and stay seen. On one run, another runner approaching her thought she was a car on the sidewalk!

Ricky Roane
Ricky Roane using reflective running gear

Ricky is a Southern California based ultra-runner. He trains with and leads the San Diego area Trail Crashers ultra-marathon training group that his wife and he founded. He has been running and racing since he was five years old but only got into ultra-running in 2014! 

He loves the challenge of ultra-marathons and his favorite distance is the 100 miler. Ricky strives to learn from his racing and improve his nutrition and training with every race.

In the beginning of 2016, he was awarded 11th male in the nation and 3rd male in California for UltraRunning Magazine’s Ultra Running Race Series.  He also had the opportunity to compete in the prestigious Western States Endurance Run 100 mile race and was 25th overall!

Running makes him feel alive and the true friends he has gained that share his love for the sport makes the hours and hours of training worth it.


Sara Owens
Sara Owens recommends night running gear

Sara is a mom of three, wife of a busy husband, a teacher in an Autism classroom and an active member of her church...and a runner! She runs for her health and to clear her mind. She also runs for a sweet little girl she's paired up with through a Facebook page. Every mile she logs is for her. 

She has been a runner since she was a kid and entered her first track meet while in 5th grade. Over the years she got in trouble for running through the halls at school! In Junior High School she finally put that speed to good use and ran cross county and track all the way up through High School.

Sara's schedule is busy, no matter how hard they try to keep it simple! In college she would randomly go out and run late at night. She fell with love with night running during that time! She is still an avid night runner. 

She is thrilled to have teamed up with Knuckle Lights. With the rise in distracted drivers and the increasing importance to be seen on the road at night. She thinks it's a match made in Heaven!