AA Battery Charger Set

  • AA Battery Charger Set
AA Battery Charger Set AA Battery Charger Set

AA Battery Charger Set




The Knuckle Lights brand battery charger will keep the included AA batteries fully charged and ready to power your Knuckle Lights during your next run or walk in the dark.  These AA batteries are compatible for use in any of our Knuckle Lights COLORS versions.

What's included:

  • TWO (2) AA HIGH-CAPACITY RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES — Battery capacity 2400mAh (milliamp-hour)
  • Ni-MH CHARGING STATION — With standard AC wall plug cord



Compatible with Knuckle Lights COLORS.

(Please note: Knuckle Lights Original use AAA batteries)

  • Constantly: A Blog for the Girl on the Run uses Knuckle Lights  "Not only are the Knuckle Lights great for running but they can also be used on early morning or late night walks with or without a dog, camping, or just to keep in your purse or car in case you need them." Constantly 
    shoe lights for night runner "As a runner, when you are training for a big race, sometimes life gets in the way. When that happens you can find yourself doing EARLY morning runs or evening night runs, to make sure you stay on schedule. It is because of this that I was excited to be able to try out Knuckle Lights colors." TMiles and Running 
    led flashlight "These lights fit perfectly in your hand and go across your knuckles.I typically have my phone in one hand and my dog’s leash in the other hand when I run so I prepared in advance by putting my phone in an armband and I used my dog’s jogging leash which goes around my waist to allow my hands to be free for this product." Running & Smiling
    Run, Heifer, Run recommends Knuckle Lights "...I'm a pre-dawn runner...meaning - SAFETY. How do I stay as safe as possible while keeping these crazy running hours.  I have a few tricks up my sleeve. My favorite safety measure is my set of KNUCKLE LIGHTS!!!" Run, Heifer, Run!
    led lights for nighttime running "I ran in the mornings to test the lights using the high power and flashing settings. One thing I like about the lights is that it gives a wide field of view for the area that you are using it in." Sam's Running Adventures
    dog walking light "During periods of low light or darkness, it’s important to be safe and be seen when running or walking outside. You want to make yourself as visible as possible to vehicles and other pedestrians." Races & Rescues
    handheld running light "I found that these were even useful for taking my dog out for walks at night. I could easily handle my 80 pound dog, her training remote, AND have a light." Bonk to the Finish
    night running lights for joggers "Knuckle Lights are easy to hold in each hand and have a strap so your hands don’t get tired from squeezing the handle your whole run. They also are extremely bright and light up the ground so well. I feel safer and that I have a better view of the road, trail or my surroundings when using Knuckle Lights." Reason to Play 
    safety light for walkers "If you are like me and run during the early morning hours or late at night, you have got to get a set of Knuckle Lights.  Not only will they alert cars that you are out there, but they will help you see where you are going.  Keep yourself safe!" Daddy Did You Win?
    runners safety lights "So, if you’re an early morning runner such as myself or a late night runner, then you need to ditch your flashlight / headlamp and get yourself some Knuckle Lights!" Run Strong Run
    wearable led lights "Unlike a headlamp, you can point them anywhere you need light while you run. For me this helps a lot. Seattle has a lot of uneven pavement so shining a light a bit farther ahead of me helps me keep my balance." See Amanda Run
    best lights for running at night "I did a comparison of my street with very little light at night versus with my street with the lights on. There’s a very big difference." If I Just Breathe
    best lights for trail running at night "I run solo half the time, so its nice to be seen and see dogs, people, holes in the road, or trails. I really love using the Knuckle lights now and will need them daily soon as the morning and night runs are getting dark." Brenda Runs
    lights for jogging "I have been running with my new Knuckle Lights Colors off and on for a couple weeks now, and I am impressed with how bright my running path has become!" Living Loving Runner
    running at night "Knuckle Lights are lightweight and small but they pack a big punch! Each light has three power settings — high, low and flashing — and the LED pattern is a wide flood beam, sending out light in all directions and providing a steady light source that doesn't bounce as you run." Life to the Full
    Barking Mad About Running recommends knucklelights "The beam of light that they give off is enough to light the way for you, plus whoever is to your right and to your left. It's a very wide arc, perfect for group running!" Barking Mad About Running
    best night runner lights "It sounds kind of weird, but I have gotten a lot of compliments on Knuckle Lights from people who are out in the wee hours walking around my neighborhood!  They are "hand"y. :)" Road Back to Boston

    We highly recommend you always wear reflective running gear and carry a flashlight when running and walking at night.  Knuckle Lights are consistently ranked as one of the best running lights in blog reviews as well as from the feedback we get directly from our customers. 

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