Tips for Dog Walking at Night

The benefit of running and walking with your dog is to bond and it is also a great form of an exercise and the reduced possibility of health risks but some owners prefer night time walking and running because of busy daytime schedule and the cooler temperature at night gives a more relaxing experience for you and your dog not to mention, the sound and smoke pollution you encounter while walking too! The concrete is bearable for your dog’s sensitive paws without the sun blazing down, you don’t want to hurt your dog’s paws while it aches from the pavement’s heat, right? There is typically less traffic, making for a more peaceful and safer walk and your dog adds a level of security to your exercises at night if you are alone. Another advantage is after a long tiring run and walk you and your four legged furry friend will have nothing but a good sleep and peaceful night. But there are some precautions that we are going to consider mainly the decrease of visibility and more.

 Plan your route, in daytime take a quick look and scope out the possible path your taking in your night walk and it is always advisable to go against the traffic and always take the familiar path so you can walk in ease and when you encounter a problem, you can be at comfort and stay away from dark alleyways and busy roads. Prepare the items needed for your walk like water for hydration for you and your dog, dog treats for snack when taking a break from the walk and run, plastic bag in case your dog leaves a waste in the trail. Charge up the gadgets needed like phone and your lights. You can save time changing batteries using a light with charging base.

 Walk in lit environment and to increase more visibility to spot some potholes, curbs, and uneven terrain. These lights for walking dog at night can be any number of products, from Knuckle Lightsa general flashlight, a headlamp or many other option available that will light up your path so you and your dog can what is ahead of you. The advantage of it is you can hold the leash and the Knuckle Light at the same time. It can also be used to light up bushes to be aware of other creatures and scare them away because it is possible that those creatures can cause distractions to your dog.

There are some obvious drawbacks to walking or running with your dog in the dark. The inherent danger of being out in low light situations, from tripping hazards caused by a lack of visibility to vehicle and bike traffic not being able to see you, to the vulnerability from potential criminal attack, although having a dog with you is great deterrent to those that might be looking to do you harm.

When encountering larger animal and possible predators. Potential dangers may appear. You can also bring a friend to accompany you and to add assurance to your safety.  If your dog is large enough to be intimidating, you might feel that he or she is enough to scare off predators, but be wary that, as guardian, it's your job to protect them also. Immediate change path if you find a predator. Remember it is for the safety for the both of you.

 Aside from beaming up your way, you and your dog need to be visible from traffic. So they can be aware of their surroundings. In such case, buying a LED dog collar and leash from your local pet store, you can also pick a color that fits your dog’s personality and pair it with reflective vest tailored to your dog’s size.

It is not advisable to walk your dog off leash at night, with limited visibility, I can’t always steer him away from trouble before it’s too late. It might be troublesome when it smells other creatures and the more likely your dog will get startled and it will cause a problem and accident and your dog will get injured.

If your dog wants to play, there are dog parks that open and your dog can also play with other dogs at night and play fetch with toys with glow in the dark.

There are also small LED lights from Knuckle Lights that are attachable to your dog’s collar that will shine a beam in front of them it will make it easier for you to find your dog if he or she happens to get away from you in the dark.

Avoid wearing dark colored shirts. It would be best if you wear light colored shirt and pair it up with reflective vest for best possible visibility that will help you be seen by traffic. Even with all these reflective gears, don't forget that lights for walking at night are important.


Always bring your phone, having the ability to call or text in an emergency is important. And tell your friends or family member that you’re going out for a walk and best if you tell them your route and forget about bringing your earphones. By that, you can maximize your hearing senses in traffic to hear cyclist, vehicles, and other walkers and other sorts of potential danger that could startle your dog.  

Bring your identification like Road ID, Driver’s License, and Necklace ID and equip a GPS tracker for you and your dog.  Take precautions and authorities can verify your identity and the process will be faster if you have your identification ready.
If you meet an emergency, you can use your phone and call them immediately.

You should train your dog to follow you, taking a walk at night should be more relaxed and enjoyable. If you allow your dog to pull you all around your route, you are not only making it uncomfortable for you, but also dangerous for both of you.  A well behaved dog lessens the likelihood that you will be in accident, like running into traffic and other pedestrians. Being prepared to handle any potential trouble that approaches yourself or your dog can actually make you more confident. Bring your clicker, it is good to reward your furry friend if they are being obedient during your nighttime walk and run.

There are conditions that are beyond our control like heavy rains and heavy snow. You might want to also cancel your walk when the winds are strong and there is lighting and thunder. The dogs tend to be scared and startled because of the loud sound that the thunder is producing. It is preferable to stay inside, help your dog calm down and continue your walk the next day.

When walking at night safety always comes first. The most critical piece of advice is to simply stay aware during your night walks or runs with your dog. Between the dangers from traffic, hidden obstacles, wild animals, roaming cats and other dogs, the threat and dangers for you and your dog are much higher during nighttime walks. Using lights and other safety gear and having an awareness of your surroundings, greatly reduces these risks.


Thanks for reading. Stay safe, be seen, and Own the Night!



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