Meet 2018 Bright Light Brigade Ambassador: Michael Kitano!

Michael has always been active. He played basketball from the mere age of 5 and continued until his mid 30’s. He then went on to play competitive softball but soon started to feel burned out. He needed something to keep him active after his recent diagnosis of type 2 diabetes. Michael started researching road races and in 2011 signed up for his 1st ever 5k!

Running was surely something that was quite different to what he was accustomed to, but he loved it! He continued to sign up for race after race until completing his first half marathon in 2012. Michael just recently finished his 145th race and is slowly transitioning from road to trail race.

His health keeps him motivated and he has two young daughters that he really wants to see grow up and be a part of their lives. He finds Knuckle Lights easy to run with and recently used them at the 2017 Rock’n’Roll Las Vegas 10K. During this race Michael received plenty of compliments as part of the race course was pitch black!



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