Meet 2018 Bright Light Brigade Ambassador: Lee Beam!

Lee never planned to run! She was an avid walker and was out one day when she got caught, 2 miles from home, when a terrible lightning storm was rolling in. Nobody was available for an urgent pick up, so she ran (in her Crocs!) to beat the thunderbolts back home. As she continued on, with labored breath and a few walking breaks, the idea of running became appealing. Thus, runs started to increase, as a part of her usual walks, and she hit her first 10 mile run. Lee, thought: “I might actually be a runner now…”

Running is part of her life now. It’s not a habit anymore; it’s a lifestyle. Due to the fact that the only time she has to run is 5am, she looks forward to the solitude and ‘head-space’.  She is based in Florida, which as we know has two seasons: Summer and January...Thinking of the heat and humidity keeps her grateful for the cool weather, even if she feels woefully unprepared with an appropriate wardrobe for a cold morning!

Because Lee runs almost entirely in the dark, Knuckle Lights are a good fit. She doesn’t like carrying things when she runs and and appreciates having her hands free to hit a crosswalk light or adjust a waistband. She loves that Knuckle Lights give her a seperate light on each hand and they sit there without the need to ‘hold on’. It not only about seeing where she’s going  but even more important that drivers and cyclists can see her!

One other cool fact about Lee? She runs 250-300+ miles a month and burns through shoes like there’s no tomorrow. There’s just something about a new pair of shoes that always divert Lee’s attention...she loves the feeling of a new pair of shoes and how instantly you feel so much faster!  

Lee Beam