Meet 2018 Bright Light Brigade Ambassador: Jessica Hadley!

Jessica started running in February of 2015 as a stress reliever after the birth of her second son. She initially had the idea that runners were a bit crazy and she had, she thought: “there’s no way I could do that!” But, in a moment of madness, she stepped on a treadmill and has since never looked back! She wasn’t sure how to train or what races to sign up for but it made her feel good and gave her a time that was hers and only hers.

She is most motivated by racing and still wakes up at 3.45am to get her runs in...even in the winter! Jessica wore a headlamp for many years but her head would hurt all day and she’d be left with a red mark on her forehead! She appreciates that Knuckle Lights are bright and easy to wear, don’t alter her outfit or leave her with a prominent mark on her head!