Meet 2018 Bright Light Brigade Ambassador: Jason Myers!

In 2007-8, after entering the medical field, Jason started to see a lot of patients that were in the hospital because they had lost control of their weight. At almost 300 lbs and tired of yoyo dieting, he decided to buy a bike and sign up for a MS150 ride. Due to his endurance and ability to go from 1-100, Jason finished his first 100 mile ride and decided to try triathlons. After losing significant weight on it was to sign up for his first half marathon. The half marathon was a success and at the moment when the half marathoners turn around he promised himself that one day he’d keep going. Only one year later Jason completed his first full marathon! He wants to be a role model for his children and show them that hard work does pay off.

Jason appreciates that Knuckle Lights help to keep him safe as he has 3 little ones that he always wants to get back, safely, to. Due to his schedule (5am-7pm) the only time Jason has to run is when it’s dark, so he owns the night with Knuckle Lights and reflective bright running clothing.



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