Meet 2018 Bright Light Brigade Ambassador: Kevin Wilson!

In 2013, Kevin tore his Achilles Tendon in two places and had surgery the day before Thanksgiving. During rehab, he couldn’t believe how out of shape he felt! He vowed that it was time to get in shape. As soon as he got the Dr.’s ok to start running, he hit the road. Figuring he’d only make it a few minutes he soon decided to push himself and do 20 minutes. At that point, goals were for the making. The moment he got home, he signed up for his first race. The race he signed up for, and eventually ran, was the Ashenfelter 8k...on Thanksgiving...exactly one year to the day of his surgery!

Running has helped Kevin lose over 80 lbs and has helped to save him and provide the challenges that he thrives for. Just like the fact that Kevin signs up for big races in March and April which keeps him motivated through the winter months! Knuckle Lights also help Kevin get through his runs in the dark. He appreciates the safety precaution and injury prevention - he wants others to see him as he is running! Kevin is a great inspiration to get out, stay motivated and push your preconceived limits.



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