Knuckle Lights Has An Ambassador Program?

Oh yes we do!  The Bright Light Brigade is the brightest collection of brand ambassadors around.

Light the way forward, team!

Each year we add new ambassadors to help spread the word about our lights for running. Our goal is to remind runners and walkers to always be safe and wear reflective running gear and safety flashlight.

Interested? Read on -

Knuckle Lights Ambassador (Bright Light Brigade) Requirements & Perks

What YOU get:

  • Profile + Picture on KL website
  • Pair of Knuckle Lights (Rechargeable or Original) and one to gift for blog promotion or further use on social

What YOU have to do:

  • 1 Blog post at any time after receiving the lights
  • 2 posts per channel per month for 1 annual ambassadorship
  • Use your Knuckle Lights on any group runs or social runs that happen when it’s dark out

Why YOU want to do it:

  • YOU love the product!

Why we want them YOU to be part of the team:

  • YOU post quality, native, organic content
  • YOU take great pictures and are able to appropriately portray how bright the new lights are
  • YOU have a good level of followers who engage with your content

How we’ll promote this team:

  • Webpage highlighting each partner
  • 1 organic post monthly about the team
  • Share, re-tweet, etc…applicable posts from team