How to stay seen, safe, warm and dry this running season!

Our suggestions to stay seen, safe, warm and dry this Autumn running season:

SEEN AND SAFE: As Daylight Savings Time ends it’s due course to start thinking about lighting options for your running regime. There’s a great variety of options but we think a combination of favorited lights are ideal. We, obviously, think Knuckle Lights are your best standard base option for seeing and being seen. We also suggest any type of reflective vest or jacket and a standard red blinker attached to your back collar that will all add up to equal one very well lighted runner. 

WARM AND DRY: It’s optimal to layer when it’s cold. That can be tough if it’s pouring rain and you’ll simply create a green house effect within those layers! In terms of wicking bases we recommend: Oiselle Wazzie Wool Base for a top layer and The North Face Pulse Tights for a bottom layer. And then to top that off, you’ll need a rain jacket that breaths and moves with you. Our favorite: Saucony EXO Rain Jacket. 

Of course, you’ll have your go-to gear, just make sure you’re visible and comfortable. Now get out there and, no matter the weather, run! ?