How to be a Knuckle Lights Ambassador (aka BRIGHT LIGHT BRIGADE)

What YOU get:

  • Profile + Picture on KL website
  • Pair of Knuckle Lights (Rechargeable or Original) and one to gift for blog promotion or further use on social


What YOU have to do:

  • 1 Blog post at any time after receiving the lights 
  • 2 posts per channel per month for 1 annual ambassadorship
  • Use your Knuckle Lights on any group runs or social runs that happen when it’s dark out


Why YOU want to do it:

  • YOU love the product!

Why we want them YOU to be part of the team:

  • YOU post quality, native, organic content
  • YOU take great pictures and are able to appropriately portray how bright the new lights are
  • YOU have a good level of followers who engage with your content

How we’ll promote this team:

  • Webpage highlighting each partner
  • 1 organic post monthly about the team
  • Share, re-tweet, etc…applicable posts from team



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