Gear for Running at Night During Winter

There are many elements to consider when running at night, even more so when the weather is less than ideal. Here are a few items of gear that help encourage our winter running regime:

Nothing like an easy breakfast after an early morning run - Plus, Daily Harvest does warm morning bowls, too! 

Daily Harvest

An extra layer of warmth and safe and secure changing for transitioning from wet, dirty running clothes to recovery gear! Orange Mud Transition Wrap is ace 

Orange Mud Transition Wrap

Oiselle now has reflective gear! Our favorite, this far? The Firecracker long sleeve top in Saturday! 

Firecracker Long Sleeve - Oiselle

Hoka OneOne are our choice for winter running. On trail or road, it’s nice to have a higher top to round the ankle and prevent all the rain going down into our soles!

Hoka OneOne

The bigger Spibelt the better to be able to carry, and hold, gloves, hats and all winter gear that we may start the run with, but may not need them once we get warmed up. 


And, of course, our newest redesigned Knuckle Lights ADVANCED! 

Knuckle Lights