Meet 2018 Bright Light Brigade Ambassador: Cheryl Speight!

Cheryl started running after losing some weight and feeling more fit in August of 2013. She went to her local gym, ran 3 miles on the treadmill and has never looked back.

She finds that entering into events keeps her motivated to train...even during the long (and wet) UK Winters. She also finds that running helps with stress and greatly improves her mood - she is just much happier after a run!

Knuckle Lights are ideal for Cheryl as they highlight the direct route in front of her without causing her to have to look down. You just simply point them where you want in a moment’s time!  

Cheryl does some amazing long distance races and has created a great community with her blog, I’ll Stop When I’m Done, and finds that a new Omm Jacket, Bigger Camelbak and Trainers would be an ideal addition to her training gear regime and we think she’d wear them well and continue to inspire other runners with her wit, style and endurance!