Bright Light Brigade Team Member: JEREMY SANDERS

Jeremy started running at age 35 to lose weight and to keep up with his active son. One evening, he went out, ran a couple of miles and thought to himself, “That wasn’t so bad!” He trained for a 5k and went out and finished in the top 10! Although it was a small race, he was instantly hooked!

For every mile that Jeremy runs, he donaties $1 to the Lucas Fund (, in memory of his first son who passed away shortly after he was born. Jeremy stays motivated by knowing this money goes to babies and families at the University of Virginia Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. He and his family, with the help of other runners who pioneer this cause, have raised $50,000.

Jeremy prefers Knuckle Lights to other illuminated night running gear as he appreciates the freedom to aim the light where he wants to without having to shine it where it’s not needed or, even worse, straight into an oncoming driver’s eyes!  Jeremy also makes sure to wear a reflective vest and clothing whenever possible and knows the brighter you are, the better your chances are to see and be seen!



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