Bright Light Brigade Team Member: PAMELA WILLIAMSON

Pamela started running in college. Her father had inspired her as he ran multiple marathons and road races when she was growing up. There were very few evenings in which Pamela’s dad didn’t run! She saw that he remained balanced with his work, stress level, family life and running long distances - it made a huge impact on her life.

Her running tribe keeps her motivated all year long. The ladies that Pamela runs with are pivotal in keeping her honest and motivated to get out of bed and hit the pavement. This running community offers her an outlet and reliable confidantes. She uses her Knuckle Lights to remain safe, and with this greater sense of safety, knows they help to motivate as well!

On a recent run at 5am, a walker saw Pamela and her friend running towards him. She had her Knuckle Lights on and as they passed the  gentleman mentioned: “You look like a train is coming!” Clearly, Pamela is owning the night with her Knuckle Lights and her encouraging running tribe!



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