Bright Light Brigade 2019! Introducing Craig Halverson!

In 2013 Craig Halverson saw an old friend from school post on Facebook about a recent 10k race he’d completed.  His thought? “If he can do, I can do it!” At that point in his life, Craig was more of a gym rat and not really big into running but he recalls watching The Biggest Loser marathon finale, at the end of each season, and he wondered if he could do that too!  After that he signed up for his first ever race: a 10k in 2013 at the Omaha Marathon.

As he started to train, Craig found that he preferred to run after work, thus, in the dark. He found that holding a flashlight was rather annoying and then he saw a fellow runner post on Instagram holding a pair of Knuckle Lights and he thought they looked cool. He’s been using them and telling runners about them ever since. He also stays safe with a running buddy - always safer to run with someone and it makes every mile more fun!

When Craig signed up for his first race, the 10k in Omaha, he was training hard and aiming to beat his friends. During the race I was so excited, having fun and talking to other runners that he missed his turnaround for the 10k and ended up running a half marathon! He owes some of his running success to Knuckle Lights, although we can’t help with missing a turnaround :o)



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