Meet 2018 Bright Light Brigade Ambassador: Erin Sherry!

Meet 2018 Bright Light Brigade Ambassador: Erin Sherry!

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Although Erin never ran in High School, she participated in three varsity sports, so running was always, in one way or another, a part of her day. During vacations, her dad would always run, so Erin decided to join him one day and loved the way she felt afterwards - tired, hungry, but happy! She then decided to start running a few times a week.

Erin started by doing Ragnar Relays and has since completed 11! She loves the team dynamic, the laughs, the night runs and the exhilarated exhaustion!

Living in New York makes running through the cold months especially difficult. But, she loves the energy she gains from running and is always looking forward to the warmer days that Spring brings. She also makes an effort to sign up for races in the early Spring so that she always has a motivation and training plan in mind. Plus, she has started to run with a friend which helps when you have someone there with you, laughing and getting through the run together.

Erin uses her Knuckle Lights during all her Ragnar Races as well as the morning runs with her friend. With Knuckle Lights she can easily shine the light where she needs without having to change the direction of her body or head. She feels much safer knowing she is visible and in control of her safety.

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