Introducing Bright Light Brigade Team Member: Ross Sexter!

Introducing Bright Light Brigade Team Member: Ross Sexter!

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New Bright Light Brigade team member, Ross Sexter, was unfortunately born with one of his feet facing the wrong direction! So, growing up he was always told not to run and that he wouldn’t be able to do most athletic activities. That was until he saw Terry Fox, an amputee, running across Canada and figured he could do it to! To this day, Ross has completed several marathons, about 50 or so half marathons and now has a passion for triathlons. 

Ross was running one Saturday morning and saw a fellow runner with a pair of Knuckle Lights - he knew at that moment he had to have a pair! He also wears reflective clothing when running at night and his wife and him both use Knuckle Lights when walking the dog. 

Prior to owning Knuckle Lights, Ross was running in Florida while attending sales meetings early in the morning, and had no lights or reflective gear. As he ran along he kept hearing rustling and splashing. Later, after the sun came up, he realized he was running with gators! Talk about putting some pep in your step!

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